A unique tailored service for individuals who are keen to improve and increase the quality of their life.


Having issues with 

  • Dealing with challenging situations/life events

  • Addiction 

  • Adjustment to change/transition

  • Self-awareness / identity / personal growth / development

  • Anxiety/depression

  • Life balance (roles and self-care)

  • Divorce

  • Stress management



  • Processing blocks to reaching goals

  • Professional self-development

  • Personal & goal setting

  • Creating Vision Boards

  • Challenging relationships


Consulting services  

  • Strength-based practices

  • Workshop 

  • Encouraging and valuing differences

  • Healthy school/workplace cultures

  • Health and wellness intervention 

  • Health promotion and health education 


Speaking engagements & Workshops


Hire us as a speaker at your event,

We are entertaining,  informative, educational and motivational speaker suitable for any corporate, organizational, potential-related event. We draw on our own experiences and uses her background in psychology, personal development, and practical knowledge to inspire our audiences.


We also offer tailored programs specifically for immigrants and women. We have worked across Europe and Africa developing health and wellness interventions. Carlotta holds a Masters degree in Health Psychology and was trained in London to Doctoral Level in Health in Psychology in London