Coping with being alone

Alone and over 40 can be scary.

Your are over 40 hmmm .. I guest it's time to embrace the changes that are coming.

earning to enjoy your own company is one of the most important thing we must learn.

It's not easy, it comes with practice.

You are not alone

When my friend of over 30yrs call crying on the phone just a few days ago. I new I had to write something about this topic. #lifeover40 #livinglive #alone) Being does comes with is pro and cons. In today's society with COVID and other everyday life challenges. It is good to have someone to talk to someone will understand not just how your are feeling but also, willing to help you.

“ Talk to someone if you get lonely .”

It is no shame to feel lonely, it is normal to seek or want human connection. It is also necessary to have human connections. Not remember if you feeling lonely it isn't in itself a mental health problem. However, mental health problems can can also cause loneliness.

Here are a few tips to help you manage loneliness

  • Call a friend

  • Going somewhere like a café or just take a walk

  • Join an online community or a peer support group

  • Exercise

I would to here how you are managing being lonely

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