Sex has no expiration date

Ok I have said it !

Well congratulations for curious about sex over 40.

" People over 40 have more sex than those in their 30s” Oh my gosh, is this statement for real? Opoos ! correct me if I am wrong but I think it’s true or is it?

Ok so you are not having sex and you have a partner then here are some tips.

Start the conversation outside the bedroom gives some hints. Your partner may be having challenges be open to listen and do not judge them. Be open to educating each other you are never too old to learn. Keep the conversations fun, open, loving, and short but express your feelings.

Please exercise regularly

believe me if you want to ensure you have great sex you must be fit to handle it. You may think of sex as relaxing, think again it can be hard work you can burn a lot a calorie and work up quite a sweat during sex. Some of the key reasons why getting fit are essential It strengthens your muscles. Exercise release chemicals in your brain that make you feel better so next time you felt blue and have no interested in sex exercise regular exercise will help keep your body in shape which can help your confidence and boost your sex life.

Try something new Keep it interesting.

Many people have issues and lose interest when they have been with the same person for a long time. Don’t go looking ease where you have dinner at home eat there. You may want to come up with different ideas, for example a romantic weekend away or whatever you feel could add a little variety and spice to your sex life.

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