Carlotta Tate-Olason

About me

Welcome to the first steps on your journey towards fulfilling your purpose, achieving goals and increasing your quality of life. 


As a Life Coach and Transformational Therapist. I help people who are keen to see lasting, meaningful and successful changes in their lives.

I offer a unique bespoke service to individuals who are keen to improve and increase the quality of their life.  

I specialize in 

  • Weight management

  • Managing life Changes

  • Personal Development

  • Coping with ageing​

  • Stress management

Most people seek therapy or coaching for a variety of reasons for example strategies to manage their life and business. Others are just seeking someone to listen or to talk with them. Whatever, the reasons for seeking therapy or coaching. I am are here for you.

The background story

Someone once asked me: ‘What makes you qualified to be a coach and therapist?’ Well, life experience for starters. I’ve built a stable life for myself and my children, a life that fits who I am perfectly. 

I grew up in Jamaica moved to Europe in my 20s with my son as a single mother. I started my University Education in London up to a doctoral level in Health Psychology. I have been through 2 strange marriages lived in several countries seen hard and great times.


In 2001 while living in Iceland I was told by a very wise man “you have so much potential never settle for normal your life can be better than what you have now”. I decided to never settle for normal. 


I moved to London where I had more opportunities. I had a passion to help others who are hurting or less fortunate. Then, I landed a dream opportunity to work across Africa and Europe. During those years working as a consultant. I was able to see life in every dimension as I travelled working in cities and villages; I also worked with heads of states, ministers the poor and high net worth individual.


I began to realize we are all searching for a better way to increase the quality of their life. A few years ago, I decided to set up my coaching and therapy practice to assist anyone who needs support to transform their life, from what is normal to extraordinary. I believe life experience is a great teacher.    

My Training
 Masters in Health Psychology 


Neuro-Linguistics Practitioner (NLP )

 NLP Coaching and Hypnosis

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